It’S SKIN – Tiger Cica 90 Calming Peeling Pad (80stk)


It’S SKIN TIGER CICA 90 Calming Peeling Pad 80ea / 155ml – Contains 90% Centella Asiatica PHA & AHA pH5.5 Peeling Pads, Redness & Acne Relief for Senstive and Troubled Skin

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  • LOW pH PAD: Mild and soft pad doesn’t irritate skin and adjusts pH balance of skin to maintain healthy condition.
  • SMOOTH SKIN: Centella Asiatica Extract calms down irritated skin and complete a clear skin tone.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: PHA gently removes sebum and skin wastes in pores without irritating your skin.
  • NON-COMEDOGENIC: It has gone through a dermal test and proved that it doesn’t block pores or cause acne.
  • DOUBLE SIDED: Use a perforated side to arrange skin texture, and a gauze side to wipe off skin wasted on your face.

It’S SKIN is the first brand in South Korea to bind the concept of cosmetics with medicine. With skin care knowledge accumulated over decades, It’S SKIN presents its products for all ages and all skin types and promises the best results for beautiful silky skin that every woman dreams of.


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